Panasonic 8mm MAJOR PROBLEMS!

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Re: Panasonic 8mm MAJOR PROBLEMS!

BushmanOrig wrote:

I read the different replies. Seems you have been doing weddings and shoots some time already and you well experienced with your gear.

Actually, he doesn't know what he's doing as the EXIF of the shots clearly shows.  He's got one camera set for tungsten WB, the other set for cloudy WB.  He also has wildly different exposures.

I never had channels changing colors as a result of incorrect WB. At the worst white balance results in a color cast. I do not recall the details but I do recall glass can change color.....a prism shape could swap color or whatever......I am sure the problem is in the lens only shows at certain exposure conditions or angles I guess.....You need to go study what happens when light goes through glass, how it bends the light beams, swap colors plus plus.....could help youunderstand....

Dark purple to black is not a changing of colors.  It is under exposure.  Which again, if you'd bother to look at the exposure information you'd see he drastically underexposed the dresses in the shot where they turned "jet black" - i.e. unrecoverably underexposed by his ineptitude.

Swap colors???  Grab a physics book, a high school one, not possible...

I can only conclude it takes a company with years of experience to really build good lenses.... What always bothered me is Leica with holding their logo from the m43 Lumix lenses..... Even while not having the Leica stamp of quality Panasonic continued selling their lenses at Leica prizes....

Have you ever bought or even bothered to check the price of a Leica lens?  Panasonic's lenses are barely into Canon or Nikon price categories.

I realize many will not be happy with what I say.....prove me wrong pls...

I just did, it was pretty easy...

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