few 5D3 ISO 4000 INterior Sport pics

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Re: few 5D3 ISO 4000 INterior Sport pics

JLN wrote:

this is HandBall, quite polular in Europe

Interesting. I grew up around NYC in the US. Handball then and there, as well as, I presume, still now, is a very different game. It's played against a wall like squash, usually outside, by only two players, using the palm of one of their hands, as though a raquet, smacking a tennis-sized red rubber ball and trying to bounce it off the wall onto a marked-on-the-ground "fair" territory without their opponent being able to return it back into the wall before it bounced a second time. This is usually a playground, unorganized sport, but there are serious indoor tournaments as well. I think that this is still universally, in the US, the game we call "handball." Really different from this European sport with the same name. Looks like closest game in US is womens' field hockey, but I'm not sure. I wonder which came first and what their different origins were?

Regardless, as I already said, nice pics.



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