Should I go with the wireless adapter or eye-fi card on the d600?

Started Oct 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Nikon adapter

I have been using the EyeFi card for a while now for the exact same purpose that you described. Seeing the photos larger on my iPad while shooting.
The card is so limited in range. You have to have the iPad really close. What's more annoying is how unreliable the connection is. Even when not changing position the connection is lost over and over. Direct mode is also tricky. The card will always look for known WiFi networks first before it starts Direct Mode. So when you shoot in your own studio, it will connect to your network. Or if you shoot somewhere outside it might pick up a public network you set up and never go into Direct Mode. You have to delete all other networks from the card for Direct Mode to work half way reliable. But even then you have no indication whatsoever if the card is starting it's own network or not.

I also find the card to use a lot of power. But I'm not sure if Nikon's WiFi adapter is more efficient. One way or another I actually stopped using the EyeFi card mostly because of the unreliable connection. When I'm out shooting I'm focused on getting my shots, the lighting, the model. I have no time to constantly trouble shoot a lost connection. I hope the Nikon Adapter will work better. I would give it a try over the EyeFi card first.

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