Is a micro four third for me (which one?)

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Re: Is a micro four third for me (which one?)

Hi Guy, good to see you here, I remember you from the iBOB list.

If you want to minimize space and portability, and if your budget will stretch far enough, I think the best compromise for you would be a compact camera with a fast zoom lens. Fuji X10 or Sony RX100 if you can spend that much, or Panny LX7. or a used Panny LX5. Better high ISO than your P7000 and a faster lens meaning you may not have to use as high an ISO setting. The smaller-sensor LX-5/7 will work fine if you're not looking to make big prints or crop a lot. The larger sensor X10 and RX100 will have better IQ and give you more room to crop and more detail to enlarge, but at a price.

If you remember Ray Sachs from iBOB, he's very active here and on many other photo forums. He has tried most everything and posts very reasonable/balanced reviews of how the cams worked for him. I think he's settled on the Oly OM-D, Fuji X-Pro 1 and Fuji X10 for now, but he's used the LX5, LX7 and RX100 extensively.

Maybe he'll pop up here, but you can just google "Ray Sachs" and "RX100," or "X10," or "LX7," or a whole bunch of other cams to get started.

I think a compact m4/3 body with 14-42 kit zoom will force you to use higher ISO, since none of the kit lenses are very fast. They should all out-shoot your D40 at higher ISO, but I can't help feeling a fast-zoom compact would be a better bet on a long tour.

FWIW the Fuji X10 is very analog, the LX5/7 have great interfaces with enough buttons to prevent extensive menu diving. The RX100 has the best sensor of the lot, but a much less intuitive interface, IMHO...

Oh, and the Canon G1X has great IQ, but I find it frustratingly s-l-o-w in operation.


Paul B.

Guy Bouchard wrote:

I am torn between DSLR and compact for an upcoming one year long South America bicycle tour...My DSLR is an oldie D40 with 18-55 kit lense. I really like it...I don't bring it when bicycle touring since it take more space than i'd like...i bought a P7000 to be my bicycle touring camera. Size is great...i like external knobs more than menu. IQ is pretty decent in good light but even at ISO 400 in low light, i am not that impressed...Now, would a M 4/3 camera and a Panasonic PZ 14-42 lense be a good way to get better IQ than with a compact and keep used space as low as possible?...I'd like something not too $$$ since i will be on the road for a long time and crossing a thief is something possible...anything else?  G1X or RX100?

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