Interesting Canon comment on "dye" fade resistance

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Re: Interesting Canon comment on "dye" fade resistance

GMack wrote:

Interesting comment he made about 300 year lifespan for dye.

I recall the old Cibachrome process which claimed some 100 year lifespan was a dye process.  So was Kodak's Kodachrome and their dye transfer prints too.

That's for storage in the dark under ideal conditions, so it doesn't tell you much about what will happen when you hang a photo and look at it.  It isn't darkness that degrades a photo--it's light.  If you display a picture, it won't be in the dark, and it won't be under ideal conditions.

Tests by Aardenburg Imaging suggest that even under reasonably favorable conditions with ordinary lighting, it would probably not be unusual to notice considerable degradation of some photos after a few years of display.  And that doesn't include the possibility degradation due to ozone and other contaminants.  I don't know if Aardenburg has tested the Pro 100 inks or not, but they are probably very good, they are not going to last 300 years under display.

Maybe this pigment lasting longer is a myth that continues on its own to promote pigment printers and more expensive and exotic ink?

Not a myth.  Virtually all the tests I have seen, and the one I have run myself, indicate that pigment is generally much more resistant than dye to light fading.  While there may be exceptions, you would have a very hard time finding a dye that will last as long as the best pigments.

I have had pigment prints out of an HP fade in less than a year in a sunlit window

Indeed, and that's less than 300 years, isn't it?  A sunlit window is a severe test, but if you tested dye ink along side that picture, you might be unpleasantly surprised.

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