Luminous Landscape Fuji X-E1 Review

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Re: Luminous Landscape Fuji X-E1 Review

rockjon wrote:

Do you have to hold down the AF button while using the four directional buttons to change the autofocus point or does it work more like a toggle where you push down the AF button once and release then select the AF points using the directional buttons?

You push the AF button once and then use the arrow buttons to move the AF point to where you want it.

I've gotten into the habit of envisioning my shot, pushing the AF button and setting the AF point to where I think the subject will be before raising the camera up to my eye. After that, it's a relatively trivial thing to fine tune the AF point if needed. And I don't think it's that hard to toggle the AF button with the camera up to my face.  It just takes practice.

I also think it's interesting that a review from Luminous Landscape would not make an issue of the dreaded watercolor effect on tree leaves in this or their X-Pro 1 review. Maybe it's not as major of a problem as the conventional wisdom on this forum might indicate. 

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