GRD with 1" sensor - would you buy one?

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Re: GRD with 1" sensor - would you buy one?

If I can help it, then I wouldn't buy anything that has a sensor smaller than APS-C.

If a camera had these perks then I'd buy it ASAP:

- APS-C sensor or bigger
- Integrated viewfinder
- Ricoh-like direct control / customizable UI
- Autofocus

And one of these equivalent lenses:

- 2?-75mm f/2.? (preferably 24mm and f/2.0 of course, but a 28-75 f/2.5 would do too)
- 24-50 f/2
- 28-35-50 f/2 three-step lens

Hm. This looks an awful lot like an RX100 with a bigger sensor and a faster lens.

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