Bad Canon 7D (not sharp) or is it me?

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The problem is you and your lens.

Your lens is cheap, you are expecting too much from it. It may have worked ok for a lower resolution camera but realize as you utilize better equipment it will stress cheaper lenses and show their flaws, there is a reason the prices of lenses go up, one of them is IQ.

In the picture of the carriage  and driver, the camera did not focus on anything, if you look at the foreground grass, it is sharper than the background image. This is because you did not set the focus point on the camera to focus on the driver which should have been either in the center of the image or the focus point on top of him. This is not a problem with the camera, it is your lack of understanding, I am trying to beat you up but help you understand where the problem lies.

I have taken the picture of the deer. I ran it through and tried to remove the chromatic aberration, I could not. This happens on cheaper lenses (and sometimes more expensive lenses) when a near black dear is against a white background, you see red fringing, this reduces sharpness. Review the image below at 200 percent. I have sharpened it a litte.

You shot the deer image at F1.8 which is as wide as the lens will get, this is usually the worst quality of the lens and the least sharp, for any lens. Shoot this image at F8 and crank up the ISO to 1600 or 3200 to get the shot. I would at least shoot this lens with F2.8 to get better sharpness.

The other option would be buy a better 50 F1.4 Lens and shoot it at F2.0

Below, this is what you are suffering from.

I have sharpened your image and pointed out the CA view image at 200 percent. To get better sharpness, shoot at F2.8 to F8 which in this amount of light you would have to increase ISO or suffer from motion blur which also looks like softness.

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