SX50 w/ Canon 500D attached...

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Re: SX50 w/ Canon 500D attached...

LTZ470 wrote:

The SX50 is MUCH better than the SX30 was...

Good to know. It seems that I will have to try the SX50 and compare its 12.1MP CMOS wiht SX30's 14.1Mp CCD for distant subjects details registering.

I really believe that FZ200 is a best all around as you say, but as you know, I just use my P&S superzoom camera for distant subjects.  For the rest of the 95% of my shots... I use my LX3 (98% of the time whit the Wide Lens Converter attached).  Additionaly, since I need this superzoom for real life situations (local travels, abroad, hiking,  vacations..) I do not have the time neither the space and will to be carrying and mounting any TC anymore.  I had my piece of that (Canon 2x TC, Raynox 2.2x TC, Sony 1.5x etc. ...) and it does not worth it at all.  And based in your own samples (just the Fine no-Locked versions since we haven't seen the SuperFine Locked comparative samples yet, )... SX50 provides more and better details than FZ200 even wiht that superb but expensive Nikon TC attached to it.

SX50 to the left - FZ200 + Nikon TC to the right

Click on the images for a better objective detail's comparison

Detail for small size image

I really hope we could compare SX50's SuperFine and Locked images with that wonderful FZ200 + Nikon TC kit. Specailly with a really distant wildlife subject (you know, those that look like a point far away.. it could be some really distant sign with letters and numbers on it to be sure about the shapes we are checking).


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