Wow. The video on the K30 is really bad.

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Joe Przybylski
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Re: Wow. The video on the K30 is really bad.

aplucini wrote:

I"m no video expert but I'm scratching my head wondering what's wrong with this video.   It looks sharp and clear to me.    Colors look natural.   Everything is in perfect focus.

What am I missing?

You haven't said exactly why you think the video is bad.

Allan in Colorado, USA

Right? Sorry

For starters the audio is horrible. No stereo mic? No mic input? But I can't fault Pentax for that because I knew it going into this... but still - for the price and considering all competitors offer it, it's a head scratcher.

Second, the lack of focus peaking while filming is heartless!! It would be SUCH A huge help for manual focusing.

Third  - no HDMI output? Really??

Fourth - the sharpness and bitrate settings seem to be really underwhelming. I think the bitrate is somewhere around 15mbps which is astonishtly low. With filmic pro I can get up to 48mbps!

Fifth - having to turn off the SR system while filming video is sad. I was looking forward to using the great in-body stabilization with any prime lens on the Pentax. Turning SR on causes EXTREME wobble/jello and cuts recording time down to less than 5 minutes.

All in all, I rate the K30 a solid 10 for still image performance. I'm absolutely in love with the camera for stills, for video, I'd give it a 3 or 4. There's virutally no room for exapandability for audio, and the absolute BEST settings for video are still underwhelming.

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