Is there time for an interchangeable sensor DSLR?

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The lingering silicon film...

marcio_napoli wrote:

And under the risk of hijacking this thread, I'm gonna explore Silicon Film's concept even further.

The original thread was destroyed by the OP himself, so don't worry.

"the unit itself has a built-in capacity for 24 images (64MB) after which time it must be inserted into the E-Box and its contents either transferred to a computer or CompactFlash card.

The second limitation is that the relatively small 1.3 megapixel CMOS sensor uses only about 30% of the center of the frame, this means that when looking through the viewfinder you have a small field of view (marked out by a supplied rub-on transfer) which equates to a 2.58x focal length multiplier, thus a 28mm lens becomes 72mm.

Lastly it only currently supports certain camera models: Nikon F5, F3, N60/N90 and Canon EOS-1N, EOS-A2, EOS-5."

It's ancient 2002 tech.

I do not believe so. I believe it's outright fraud. Have a look at their SEC filings for the 1999-2002 timeframe. No engineering expenses, aside from payments to a local machine shop. How could the things on display in 02 be anything other than solid blocks of plastic and metal, totally non-functional.

The whole concept of shooting 24 shots without a review image until you download the whole cartridge makes for a perfect staged demo.

Imagine that they ...

  • Set up a background in their office and shot 24 shots of their own people posing with a real camera, Kodak, to get a similar sensor to what they claimed to be using.
  • Took that computer, that background, those lights, the same people in the same outfits to the show, then shot more or less the same poses with a non-functional cartridge.
  • Then they displayed the images they brought with them, as the "downloaded" images from their cart.

I mean, max storage of 24 shots per run? 1.3mp? 2.6x crop?

It's clear why it never went into production. 2002 tech did not allow a proper implementation.

Of course it did, if you had $25M of real money.

What is clear is that there is not a $25M business case.

What if you had these 2012 specs:

- internal storage for 2.000 shots.

- 24mp

- FF sensor

You can't have FF. Nothing bigger than 1.3x crop. That was covered elsewhere in this thread.

- could be used on a variety of popular film cameras (probably we all have some of those in our closets): F100, F5, F6... Leica M6 anyone ? etc

Can't happen. They have different relationships (on the lateral axis and the depth axis) between canister and film plane.

My point is: with the original specs, it was clearly headed downhill right from the start, even in 2002.

The old D100 runs circles around it.

But... what about these very doable 2012 specs?  Seems very easy to sell.

No, it's really not. I worked up the numbers around 2007. I really wanted to build it.

  • Plastic molded back that would be done custom for each camera, the only part that varies from camera to camera. The other three components snap into the back.
  • Sensor unit, snapped onto the front of the back, which protrudes through the film gate, and is obviously limited to 1.3x crop.
  • Power electronics unit, snaps onto the front of the back and occupies the battery chamber.
  • Control unit, snaps onto the back of the back, and has and LCD and 8 buttons.
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