LA-EA2: what lenses to get?

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Re: LA-EA2 and aperture control

verybiglebowski wrote:

mikew5163 wrote:

I actually found when I inspected my test shots closely that focus was off on a lot of them, even when the subject wasn't moving.  I was using the centre point to lock focus on the eyes but often finding they weren't sharp, whereas in adjacent frames they were.  It wasn't badly wrong, but more wrong that I've ever seen in a dslr.

That could be because your lens was miss-calibrated. There is the option for AF micro adjustment on NEX 7 (and 5n), when LA-EA2 is used, that could improve results.

Yes I know you can use AF micro adjustment, but I'm saying the results were inconsistent - sometimes focus was good and sometimes it wasn't, so no amount of micro-adjustment could cure that.

I notice there is an aperture lever inside the adapter.  I don't know whether the SAM lenses have electronic aperture control or whether they utilise this lever, but if it's the latter then that would explain the delay.  This is 1980s technology!

Could be, but as I wrote before, delay should not affect AF accuracy when PD AF is engaged.

Agreed, the delay shouldn't affect the actual focusing, because it should take account of the delay.

You're right - I never got good results with the 5DII with subjects moving towards / away from the camera, but it was fine for small children moving about in the frame.  I've actually sent the LA/EA2 and SAM 35 back now and, for not much more than they cost, picked up a used Nikon D7000 and 35mm 1.8 lens.  I'm hoping they will do the job a bit better than this Sony combo!  As I say, it's a shame the adapter doesn't quite work - it would be so good if it did.

I am sure you will get better results with Nikon D7000, but you will still need to find your best settings. Nikon D7000 costs new around 1000 USD, LA-EA2, 275 USD. If you don't have many Sony/Minolta A-mount lenses and you are not looking for other benefits of the NEX concept (size/weight primarily), than it makes sense.
I am quite happy with LA-EA2, it works perfectly for what it is and for my intended use, especially because I bought it used for 150 USD.
As I said, shutter lag does not affect AF accuracy, it is just a bit different feeling, once need to get used to.

Enjoy your new body and lens.

Thanks.  Yes, I realise the two options don't really compare price-wise, though I was lucky to pick up the camera and lens for only about £200 more than the adapter and Sony lens cost, and gained a lot more than £200 worth of extra functionality into the bargain.  Interestingly you can get a Nikon D5100 for £350 new at the moment, whereas the LA/EA2 is £295 new.  I suspect that if you don't already have a bag full of Sony lenses (which I don't) and aren't worried about the size then that might be a better option than the adapter.  It just doesn't turn a Nex into an slr, which is what I'd hoped it would do.  If, however, you do have a collection of Sony lenses, then the LA/EA2 certainly does make sense, and I'm very glad it meets your needs.

Thanks again for all your input!

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