What K bulbs for taking photos

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Re: What K bulbs for taking photos

iancrowe wrote:

shenlonco wrote:

One ? about the grey card say i put it in my light box to set my WB do i put it on a angle or straight up and down to read off it?

Reason why i am asking because i seen people doing it both ways?



Doesn't really matter you just want it evenly illuminated and when setting custom white balance you should fill the frame with it.


That's hard to do lets say i have the light box with object in it and i am outside the box with my T3 on a tri pod and i am using my fixed 1.8F 50mm lense from that distance you can't fill the full view finder?

what would i do? If i move the camera farward into the box won't that disrupt the lighting and be different than from when taking the photos from back outside the box so the wb won't be right?

What about using spot metering will this work if the view finder is not full with the greay card and only the center is?



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