Another repair part horror story from Thom today

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Re: Another repair part horror story from Thom today

It's not just Nikon, here in the UK I can't buy a replacement part for the panasonic GH2, I need the rubber and plastic bit the goes around the evf, it is held in place with 2 plastic tabs and 2 small screws, very very easy to fit. but despite several emails and a phone call I've not been able to get the part, they insist I send the camera in for repair. The effect this is having on me is that I would not consider buying anything Panasonic in the future if this is their attitude and level of customer service. It beggars belief that they think that someone with the level of intelligence required to operate a camera, cannot operate a screwdriver!
I seriously hope Nikon USA wakes up and realises just how stupid this policy is, no working pro is going to appreciate being unnecessarily without his gear just for the sake of a part he or she is perfectly capable of changing and the longer the daft policy stays in place the more customers they will drive into their competitors hands.

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