Is Elinchrom Replacing Its Lighting Product Line?

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Re: NO - It's *YOU* who should get your facts straight.

Jack A. Zucker wrote:

pekr wrote:

Jack, sorry if you felt offended. I was not replying to your original post IIRC, but to the other one, which claimed, that Elinchrom charges for the remote option with their premium line, which is not accurate info, at least not here in CZ, and it could negatively influence some potential buyers ...

I never said that. I'm wondering if there's some language translation issues in your confusion about what I said because this is 2x that you've misquoted me.

Yes, that must be some missunderstanding. As I said - originally, I was not replying to you (just press the Parent) option, so that you can see, that my reply was to "goodlucksdk", who wrote:

"They probably believe that they can squeeze the people who are willing to pay for the premium lights a little more by charging extra for the wireless receiver and in my opinion they are right. People who buy those lights are unlikely to be penny pinchers."

Well, but in the end, I should have post a little bit more relaxed anyway, as the truth is, that I can't know, if Skyports come for free with set of RX600 in other countries than CZ. What is more, if you buy just one RX600, you have to pay for the RX. What we also have here for the RX line is - once you buy set of two, you get 50% discount to Rotalux softbox.

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