How do nex perform in rain?

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Re: How do nex perform in rain?

teraflame wrote:

Can it take a light drizzle? I've had nikon entry levels like D50 survive some china rain. I have a 5n btw.

I have C3 and NEX-7.  From my experience, NEX-7 is weaker than C3 in water resistance, particularly around the EVF area. Both cameras may behave a bit strange under light rain. But surprise, they can fight a better battle with moisture than Canon 5D1 and 5D2, but no match for the weather sealed Canon 1D2 and 1D4. The build quality of NEX's are low. These are the cameras I used/use.

It's all relative. Yes, NEX can take a drizzle.  But clean it off immediately. Just my 2cents experience.

(PS: Magenta cast of NEX-7 + CV12 for FW1.01, under pouring rain. NEX-7 survives, just ...)

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