Still thinking whether I should get 5D Mark 3 or Nikon D800

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Re: Have "you" held and "played with" them both yet?

hikaruggggg wrote:

Thanks everyone's responses

I have tried both of them extensively,  I love the features offer be D800 - built in flash, AF illuminator, more buttons, eye piecemshutter, LCD cover, time lapse, higher resolution, better dynamic range, UHS 1 support of SD, spot meter linked to AF point, 91k metering, etc etc

However, none of them is really a deal breaker to Me......even it looks like D800 has better spec.....the pictures I took from 5D3 are more pleasant to my eyes.....

Afterall, a DSLR is a tool to take pictures...... No matter how rich the features is useless if the picture is not pleasing to my eyes

And I really love the AF speed of 35L, and the IQ of 70-200 f/4L......

So I think I will get 5D3 and use what I have right now to see how it goes

I can switch to Nikon later if I really do not like the combo, and only lost a few hundred dollar more for selling 5D3......probably better losing over a thousand right now

Will try to goto the shop and get one today, there is a good deal now in my country, it is only 2800 USD for 5D3

Many thanks for everyone!

wise choice, 5D3 is a more solid better camera overall.

when D800 first arrived i was thinking about switching, but after trying both, the choice was clear.

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