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Re: CS6 question file sizes

I just purchased CS 6 last week, bur really haven.t had a chance to play with it.  After reading your post, I openrd an  Nikon    nef file  in CS6, --- which opened to an 18 meg file. The  document file size(in the lower left corner)  read 18 megs/0 megs  .  The   e second number should read 18 megs also.,    .    I then ,duplicated the file    twice, and the document  sizes   read 18megs/17megs   the right  number  should of been somewhere in the vicinity  of 51megs-- which is the  same problem you are having. I changed a couple of file handling preferences  to no avail.   My best guess is a  glitch within CS6 (bug).

First thing I tried with CS 6, I discovered a bug- Can't open jpg files in ACR     (in Bridge), and can't access camera raw preferences in ACR(Bridge)This is a common bug with CS6, which wasn't fixed with  the  ACR 7.2. update. i  think came up with an simple work around for this bug, but  haven't tested it enough, to be sure it totally solves the problem

As for the document size problem--I googled it , and didn.t come up with anything.


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