70-200 VRI Myth

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Re: 70-200 VRI Myth

The VRI has the same center sharpness everywhere, but at 200mm, where it is just slightly softer. If your shooting the lens without a TC even that is perfectly fine looking at 100% crops, but when you add TC's there is a bit of a difference, on DX you can still get very sharp images as my first photos shows. The corner issue is well documented on FX cameras, and that tendency is true at all focal lengths, but it is not an issue on DX bodies.

So if you plan on shooting with a D7000, then there is no reason to upgrade to the VRII unless you just want to have the newest version. I would also add that with TC's on DX the performance at the long end is slightly better compared to FX. You can still get acceptable results at the long end with FX if you stop down and use 180mm rather than 200mm with the 20TCIII. At shorter focal lengths there will be no issue with center sharpness on FX even with  TC's.

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