Which Macro / Telephoto Prime Solution

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Re: Which Macro / Telephoto Prime Solution

Hi Alasta, I am using this combo of 40 mm micro and 85 mm 1.8 with D5100. Here is my experience.

Like anything else every choice brings its own limitations and you make decisions by assessing your needs and of course budget. As previous posters have expressed the big disadvantage with 40 mm micro is its extremely short working distance at 1:1. Don't consider it if you are planning to use it for bugs because when you approach them up that close, they will move away/fly away. Lighting is a difficult issue in macro work anyway and short working distance makes it more difficult.

But if your intended use is inanimate objects and still life 40 mm micro is a great option. For me its role is  as general lens plus full lengths portraits and occasional macro.It is feather weight,( smallest lens I own) very sharp across the frame  at its widest .

I own Nikon 85 mm 1.8 for about two months. I did not have chance to use it outdoor. I use it primarily to take pictures of my daughter. Great sharpness even at 1.8, beautiful out of focus rendering, very pleased with it. The problems I have discovered with this lens so far is at times there is green fringing that does not go away even in post processing, otherwise it is a superb lens.

A few pics from both lenses may help you.

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