Thinking of selling my 5D MK II and moving to an X-E1. Want advice.

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Airquotes, I feel like I could have written your post myself

I'm not only in the same boat, i think we could be rowing in tandem.  Even down to owning the wonderful 40mm pancake

I've pretty well decided to go with the X-E1 but it isn't available in my region yet.  With a slight twist, I have a decent investment in EOS prime lenses and for the short term ill keep most of them and adapt to the Fuji (with all the quirks of the EOS electronic aperture control).

So I'm happy to let the 5D2 go, I've seen enough evidence online to suggest that I'll loose very little in IQ.  Folks are right in their assessment of the Fuji lens range at the moment, it's limited... But the roadmap looks very promising.  I have high hopes for the 14mm, 23mm and 56mm... Not to mention the 10-24mm for the ultra wide lovers out there.  The announcement of future Zeiss autofocus lenses in X Mount only serves to make me smile even more.

But the key as we've heard plenty of people mention here is the benefit of having that smaller camera on you, using it and loving taking pictures.  We can argue the technical aspects of these cameras till we're blue in the face but if they sit in a bag or on a shelf, it's all for naught.

Take the plunge Airquotes and experience a new way to capture your world


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