Fixed lens 4/3 compact?

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Made sense ... I say

I've heard people champion for the LX or the EX2F, citing the capability for those VF or add on or , but I tend to agree that as compact and everyday carry around goes. the cam need to be all in one without the need for something else add on, the simpler , the better. The RX-100 pretty much demonstrate that philosophy well. A pretty decent spec while making it still pocketable.

Sony now had the RX1 which of course is the other extreme as far as compacts goes. But the package really demonstrate how compact the camera side of things can be ( with both RX that is , disregarding the lens ). In old days when I use film. I never need to worry about the film I used for compacts vs that of the SLR. I can choose to use the same film. I would have no problem using my old Ricoh GR-1 vs that of my Contax Aria + Distagon 28mm/2.8. I am sure my Fujifilm Reala would function well in both and deliver a frame that the film allows.

in similar catch, a 4/3 sensored compact would be a natural companion to the M4/3 and 4/3 system users. And of course in its own right would be a welcomed one too. Witness the Sigma DP-1M/2M, the Sony RX-100, The Ricoh GR-D, There is a market for good pocketable compacts. that would aspire to the more demanding people and also those from DC looking for quality. In fact when Sony announced the RX-100, it had pretty much sidestep the LX-7 / EX-2F / XZ-2 and establish a whole new plateau of how a compact can be. That plaetau right now had only 1 occupant and can benefit with another, a 4/3 sensored one it can be

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