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Re: My mini review on my 28 f/1.8G

Thanks. I am planning to test my copy of 28mm F1.8 further to see whether it has any focus issues or not (So far, I did not see any field curvature issue and other than a couple of OOF which I think is user error, I do not see any problems).

At this time I am leaning towards keeping this lens.


madhu0 wrote:

Could anyone please tell me their experience in 28mm F1.8 and comparison with a wide angle lens like 20mm f2.8.


I bought my 28 f/1.8 on impulse a week ago and have been pleasantly surprised from the start. The only think I'll complain about is that it seems too light weight for a $700 lens if that is possible. I have found in the first week this lens to be very sharp and contrasty with rather nice bokeh if you need that in a wide. I also seem to be able to focus as close as I've wanted to.

To be anecdotal and just from personal observation at an early stage, I think this new 28 f/1.8G is showing the same crystal clear, wonderful attributes my 85 f/1.4G shows me in a short telephoto. That's a lot to say and the jury is still out, but it's how I'm seeing it now. I've very happy with it so far.

I've tried it on my three FX Nikons (D700, D3S and D800) and so far have not noticed any field curvature or focus issues like focus shift some others have seen. So far, it's focus accuracy has been dead on as far as my needs are concerned and my eyes can see during informal testing.

Normally, I keep, use and test a lens or camera for several months prior to bringing it to work and using it on paying jobs. This lens is coming to work tomorrow morning. I'm satisfied. If it disappoints later, I'll pay the price, but I think it will do just fine.

Good luck with whatever you choose.

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Cheers, Craig
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