Can we say DP review did a terrible disservice to Fuji ?

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Re: Can we say DP review did a terrible disservice to Fuji ?

It's not DPReview who has done a "terrible disservice" to Fuji.  It's you who has been accusatory without providing any real evidence.  You want DPReview to "showcase" the advantages of Fuji's S and R pixels?   That's not their job, as that would be biased. They don't "showcase" anything.

Well, that depends on your definition of 'showcasing'. The XP1at least has enjoyed a somewhat extended amount of coverage, way beyond average. Remember the 6page extra tour: 'First impressions: Using the Fujifilm X-Pro 1' ? (can't get the link to work). That though doesn't necessarily imply their biased, I personally don't think so, but so far I haven't noticed anything that I'd interpret as 'terrible disservice to Fuji'. Actually Fuji has a tradition of shooting themselves in their own feet, they don't exactly need any additional help

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