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Re: Future of Nikon FX

Biological_Viewfinder wrote:

What's pathetic is that when I'm right and techology does prove the future to be just as stunning with just as many breakthroughs as the past for Digitial Cameras, you're going to conveniently forget all about this thread, your short-sightedness, your mob mentality while you tried to bully me, and your general inability to see past your own nose in terms of technology.

Excuse me, but I've not tried to bully you in any way. Please show some respect to your fellow human beings.

Anyhow, regarding you being right, I beg to disagree as not only you have not provided a single piece of evidence which would indicate that you were right, but also the nature of the physical reality is against you.

I have a smalle thought experiment for you:

  1. You're in a dark room with your fantasy camera
  2. Exactly one photon is released into the room so that it will reflect from the subject to the sensor of the camera.
  3. What kind of image would your fantasy camera create?

The reality is that there is a finite number of photons available, and the number of them is a known quantity. It doesn't matter what kind of camera you create, it can only capture the photons that exist.

If you disagree with any of this, please point out where I am wrong, since I am eager to learn more. If you just keep on repeating that the technology will just be so great that the nature of reality will be irrelevant, it really doesn't help me to understand why and how, nor will it advance the discussion in any way.

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