A quick comparison of Multi Frame NR result on NEX-5R.

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Re: 2 Thoughts

Tommygun45 wrote:

Two things ...

A. With regards to the wifi syncing with the camera am I wrong to assume that both devices have to be on the same wifi network? Or do they have some kind of proprietary p2p ability that allows them to simply find eachother. Point being, if they need to be on the same network, this is pretty much useless unless you are at home, or somewhere with wifi. A possible work around for this might be if you could use your phone as a wifi hotspot and thus do some kind of tethering job. Either way, how does this part of it work? Sorry for not knowing but I hadn't seen it anywhere.


it works with direct wifi so you don't need to be at home or near a wifi spot

it works as an ad hoc system, by it self

what I don't know is wether it works with any android (from 1.01 or only newers)

B. I think I have a problem with Apps on these cameras, this one in particular. Why oh why, should I have to spend an extra $4.99 to purchase a feature that makes my camera take better pictures? Isn't it Sony's job to make sure that when we are dropping $749 or $999 on a camera we should be getting a product that includes any available software that they have to enhance the photo taking ability of said camera? This just leaves such a sour taste in my mouth. Like really? I just dropped a grand and you are going to make me spend 5 bucks to get a Noise Reduction App, that for some reason isn't just an integrated feature of the camera?

I agree with you that to have paying additional apps as the camera is just new is ridiculous

but in a few months, i'll had rather pay for new apps than buy a new camera

Does this make anyone else feel weird?

Thanks for the video though it is nice to see the new features in action. Still not going to get me to upgrade my lovely 5n though. I need to spend any money I have on these new damn lenses.

I'dlike to know if we can see focus peaking on the phone lcd

thank you

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