D600 + 24-120: first contact

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Re: D600 + 24-120: first contact

robjons wrote:

I’ve been planning a D600 /24-120 purchase when I get back to the States.

I stopped at a local shop to look at the combo yesterday. It’s heavy. The D600 feels fine and is only a little bigger/heavier than my faithful D80. But that lens is a mutha, in terms of travel.

I travel v light and was thinking this would be a good one-lens solution. Now I’m thinking twice.

Are you guys using this lens for travel, to walk around with all day?  28-300 seems like too much of an IQ compromise.  Not sure what to do. Both these zooms seem overpriced, but there’s no real competition.

(BTW, in Russia D600 body is about $2400; 24-120 about $1500.)

I strongly believe there were underperforming or bad copies of the lens made and perhaps more than what’s an average.

My lens really is very nice and I almost feel sad to part with it but I won’t have a use to it on d600 for what I do. The OP needs to rethink his shooting approach entirely if 24-120 fx range seems to him too bulky in form of this lens. Using the primes just only seems very limiting but it gets different a lot when one adopts 'fixed FL lens shooting style'.

One just can hardly ask for more compact lens than this short zoom lens that balances very well on d600. It’s really compact for what range it gives to you. And on a good sample it’s a very nice Nikkor lens indeed. Its fx performance peaks at 70mm where it is simply excellent border to border, not to mention the centre (at proborder apertures e.g. f8). It seems to me that copies that have undeveloped sweet spot at about 50mm are not representing what this lens can do whereas the copies with sweet spot at 70 show this lens’ potential in full (there is a faster drop behind this spot than before it). It has been my experience and some resolution charts on web look to agree with this as well as quite a high inconsistency in reports or reviews. And also a few cases here from this forum I am recollecting (a big difference after a copy replacement). It could be matter of bad batches (or worse – good ones) in some countries or on the whole. The good sample is not a miracle but it does seem to me that it makes all the difference between when people turn away from the lens or love it.

If the weight for FL range is the issue there using more compact lens solutions is the way, if your needs or you require the range I think the zooms aren’t that terrible for fx at all (the f2.8 zooms probably are). As for the price, well only you can decide for you. It's good to separate perception of the price from a general point of view and your personal one.

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