2 great alternatives to Olympus Sport Case for RX100

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Re: 2 great alternatives to Olympus Sport Case for RX100

Liz Z. wrote:

I normally keep my camera in my purse, in its case, so I am hoping that this will work--it's worked for previous cameras, anyway. The problem is, with a neck strap a zipped case has to either stay partially open so that the straps can protrude, or I'd have to have a much bigger one to accomodate them.

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I guess that should work too. Being a bloke I don't carry a handbag/purse so the zipped case (with the wrist strap tucked inside) is the solution I have adopted for carrying my camera.


Girls - do what Liz does (just make sure your face powder doesn't escape into your bag)

Guys - do what I do or something similar. Just don't rely on a 'gappy' case to keep pocket lint away from your camera.

If you notice dust on the lens barrels when they extend then you know you are at risk. Brush, or blow it off before you power the camera off and make some change to how you carry your camera. Uncased in a shirt pocket is not a good idea - learn from my mistake. Dust on the lens barrels will eventually find its way inside and onto your sensor.



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