Thinking of selling my 5D MK II and moving to an X-E1. Want advice.

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Re: Thinking of selling my 5D MK II and moving to an X-E1. Want advice.

I did it. I sold my 5DII+24-105L and got the Xpro1+35. Now I'm getting rid of the other canon lenses to buy the 18 and the 60.

I sold the fantastic 5DII because I was tired of going around with an heavy backpack or bag: the result is the canon stayed home too often. You know a 5DII+16-35+24-105+35L (my tipical combo) is not exactly a feather weight. As I didn't shoot sport or wildlife, and I'm not a "landscape olny photographer" the performances of the fuji are ok for my needs.

The IQ is excellent, maybe the full frame is a bit better, mostly because you've got smoother/more evident bokeh with 1.4 lenses and because in general lenses show better performances on bigger formats (the bigger the better), but the difference is not that relevant (to me at least). Probably if you are a pixel-peeper or someone who always prints very large you can notice something.

True that the xp1 is not small, but it's light. As someone has already pointed out the fuji+3 lenses is lighter than a ff reflex body only. It seems to me the fuji+35 is lighter than the canon 35L. So think about that. You can have a 10000$ medium format digital camera with the best lenses of this world, but it's worth nothing if you leave it home because it's too much for your back.


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