6D release date pushed to March 2013

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Re: 6D release date pushed to March 2013

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Several dealers have already been announcing the 6D for quite a high price.

Unless the 6D has a super low noise high DR sensor, it will be competing with used 5D mk2 at half the price... that is, next year after March...

I Wonder what is going on in the Canon DSLR development department?

Here's a guess. It's not just competing with used 5DII's, it's new ones. If Canon still as a big inventory, they probably won't shift them after the 6D is available without a huge price cut. If the 5DII sales levels have taken a hit due to the D600, they could be pushing backthe 6D so that they can clear their inventory.

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That sounds like a likely scenario.  I'd think that between the three new(ish) cameras from Nikon and Canon (800D, 600D and 5D3) and possibly that one from Sony that all out spec the old 5D2, the latter's sales have possibly ground to a near standstill.  Throwing the 6D in on top of it would kill whatever sales were still possible for the 5D2.

5D2 is already around a grand, give or take:


If that's true, what will they be able to get for the 6D? It's not a whole load different.

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