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1" won't be a superzoom

jfk wrote:

I've been thinking if Sony's next iteration of their superzoom, let's say HX300V, will incorporate the 1" 20mp sensor of the RX100.  Wondering if it would be possible to keep the same zoom range and camera size if they design an f2.8 to f5.6 lens around this sensor?    Fixed 2.8 would be nice but I don't think that would happen.

Just some random thoughts,  but in lite of Panasonic's fixed 2.8 superzoom this is one way Sony could one-up the FZ200.  Not that I have anything against Panasonic;  they make great cameras.  It's just that the RX100 image quality is so good for a compact it would be intriguing to see the same technology in the HX200V update.

I think Sony would miss a great opportunity if they do not bring this to market with the success they're having with the RX100.  I for one would be extremely interested in such a camera.


A 1" sensor won't be a superzoom. Well, it can, but you will lose the size advantage. If we mean superzooms of 28/24 to 600-800mm or 1,000mm upwards equivalent range, that's going to be a long pipe out there. You'd also likely compromise aperture. Forget putting a f1.8 in there. Even a starting f2.8 is going to go f6.3 pretty quickly.

The most reasonable range we can see is a 24/28-300mm to keep things manageable. If today's 1/2.3" superzooms or even some 1/1.7 or fuji's 2/3" sensor, you can get a decent idea of how this might turn out. It's not going to be pretty. It can be done, but then again, don't even think it will be portable or compact, especially once the lens is extended.

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