Thinking of selling my 5D MK II and moving to an X-E1. Want advice.

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Re: Thinking of selling my 5D MK II and moving to an X-E1. Want advice.

Airquotes wrote:

Thanks everyone for your detailed responses. All of you have raised really good points. Nbolch really nails it when he talks about having a camera small enough that you can take with you all the time, even if you don't take any pictures. That's exactly what I'm looking for. Something I can throw in a bag and just have when I need it.

I have worked with a rangefinder before, so I'm aware that it's a little bit different way of working.

In regards to the landscape issue, I actually own a view camera. I've hardly used it since I got the 5d MK II since it's a pain to carry, develop and scan the film, etc. By selling the 5D it might be the kick in the pants I need to start using it again for serious work. The quality of the 5D is great but I miss being able to tilt and shift (could never really afford any of the canon tilt shift lenses.

If anyone else has any insight, please share it.

I would keep the 5D, sell a couple of heavy zooms and get an XE1 kit. The Fuji lens selection is extremely limited right now and no crop sensor can beat the 5D + 85/1.2 for portraits. Also the Fuji 18 is not sharp enough for serious landscape photography (does not really bother me since I don't do landscapes though.)

Dont get me wrong, I love Fuji colors and sharpness, but at current state it's primarily a walkaround, street shooter, far from being a complete system.

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