Proposal to elevate forum

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Proposal to elevate forum

A few suggestions:

If the comment you are about to make is not constructive criticism or praise, then don't post it. If you get a bad reaction - ignore it and move on.

If you have the urge to say something nasty or get in a fight - just step back and don't do it.

By all means enter into debate but avoid at all costs "Ad Hominem" or any other logically falacious arguments.

If someone responds in a rude mean spirited post resist the urge to respond back with a revenge post - just take a deep breath and ignore them or reply in an even tone rational post asking for feedback to correct your error.

Keep in mind that this is a cross section of a large population it's statistically likely there are  sociopaths and perhaps even psychopaths present on this forum.

I love this post:

Ok...I thought about it. reason to follow your lead. No need to burden the forum with us being mean to each other. I will follow my own lead and advice.

Good day.

This is the kind of spirit we need.

I know I am no angel and have made mistakes in the past but I am changing even if no one else does.

Lets lift this forum up! Any more suggestions?

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