*** Weekly Wildlife Thread Oct, 21 2012 *** NEWS ***

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harry cannoli
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*** Weekly Wildlife Thread Oct, 21 2012 *** NEWS ***

I don't know how many of you read this before posting, but for those who don't, you're in for a surprise..

I posted a thread during the week regarding a Landscape Thread.  Interest was lukewarm, so I'm moving forward. 
Beginning next week, the Wildlife Thread will alternate with the Landscape and Scenic Thread. One week wildlife, the next week landscape.
My  decision to point the WildlifeTthread in this direction was based primarily on the RX-100 and the upcoming RX-1. For all the RX-100 does, it doesn't have the legs to shoot wildlife. Considering the popularity of the RX-100, and considering the number of photographers who prefer to shoot landscapes and scenics, I thought we should give those photographers a place to showcase their work.

Feel free to share your thoughts within this thread. If the majority of you thinks it's a bad idea, the Landscape Thread will be discontinued.

Should any of you desire to host a Landscape Thread yourselves, please speak up.

I believe what I'm doing is a good idea. The reason I'm doing this is because nobody else seems to want to. Maybe because my idea is a bad one. Who knows. We shall see.  

  • If the Landscape Thread is successful,  we'll carry on with it here.
  • Should anyone decide that they would like to host the Landscape Thread, all you need do is ask.
  • If my idea is a bad one, the Landscape Thread will be abandoned. 

Welcome to Sony Talk Forum's Weekly Wildlife Thread

Everyone is invited and encouraged to share your wildlife photography here. Please feel free to post images shot at any time with any camera. Beginner or seasoned pro, it doesn't matter. It's all about our love of the outdoors, wildlife, and photography. If you're new to all this, the STF community encourages you to introduce yourself, and perhaps share a photo or two (or more) with us.
Please follow these rules
When posting your photos, respond to this initial post.
Limit yourself to one photo post (with as many photos as you'd like) per week - if you get more stuff, save it for the following week. We'll all still be here.
Please comment on your fellow photographer's work. It's nice and it's the right thing to do.
Please let us all know the camera used to take your photograph(s). if you would like to share information regarding techniques and processing, please feel free to do so.
Please ask for advice if you need it or want it. There's a wealth of information in this community and, although, many folks are very busy, there's a good chance that someone will have both the answer and the time to give it. So bring on the wildlife, and have fun!

Thank you all,

ice nine photography

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