The Sunday BIRD Volume 8, Issue 18. October 21, 2012

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Re: ...Denjw & Messier......skittish, n-o-o...more...

..paranoid-sychotic I think , little beggars......I do like to try & get some nice pics if I can as there are opportunities at the farm, outlaws and even here in Melb,  just that the focus on L10 (& similar Oly 5xx series)  is just not quite up to scratch, particularly in leafy backgrounds, although that doesn't give me much of an excuse for the Wren, so I'll just blame the equipment anyway !

Am just waiting for reasonable priced  2nd hand E5 to up-grade one day ( maybe a bigma too as I don't think budget will stretch to 90-250 ! )....thx guys & just keep posting a few of those really nice pics to keep my morale up !  Ronoz

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