OMD for Weddings?

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Re: OMD for Weddings?

From the mid 90's till around 2007 I used to shoot weddings professionally with both Nikon and Canon pro bodies and lenses and flashes. It can be a grueling job at times, just depends largely on the couple and their family. The old saying about "The mother in law" being the terror ain't far from the truth either. after having worked with the OMD now for several months I can say without hesitation if I were pressed back into service for such a job (and I tend to avoid it these days) I wouldn't hesitate to use the OMD with the 45mm f1.8 and yeah, even the measly kit 12-50 as I would also be using their wonderful FL-600R flash as well. Contrary to some others on this forum, I rather like and get great results with the Fong collapsible Lightsphere for closeup and portrait work. The focus is plenty fast, and honesty if it became such a hassle due to horrendous lack of lighting in a church or something like that I could revert to manual focus anyway. However I've already used it in some poorly lit indoor scenes and found the focus to be quite competent and accurate. High ISO is not even a 2nd thought with this camera. I can print 22x17's all day long at higher ISO shot in RAW and processed in Lightroom with no issues of noise. So yes, it can be a wonderful wedding tool. I've seen some DSLR owners on this site arguing that it wouldn't match up to the DSLR output. TO that I politely reply "Baa Low Nee".

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