photo editing software without an internet connection?

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Re: You seem to over react.

Richard wrote:

You had problems with B&H, but later you found out you didn't use a drop down box to change delivery options. Then you have a problem with Corel but again you seem to have found a fix/workaround.

My suggestion is to relax, take a breath of air and try to resolve issues in a calm manner instead of jumping to conclusions. Both of your issues were resolved. I have never had issues with B&H and I own Corel Draw Graphics suite X5 and Aftershot Pro and neither required internet connection.

Remember to download any service packs on the Corel web site before you are disconnected from the internet. They have a lot of bug fixes at least on the software I have from them. I have been using Corel since Photopaint 8 and I find it is great software, but I did find bug, only to go to the website to download the update which fixed the problem.

The last Adobe Elements I installed ran a service on my computer that when I disabled it, Elements would not run. I did not care for that.

My experience is that Corel Aftershot Pro and Photopaint programs ran much faster and used up less resources than Adobe and you could run it on slower lower spec'd computers and still be fast enough.

CO Bear wrote:

Is there any photo editing software that does NOT require an internet connection to install and run?  I don't need on-line tutorials.  I'm trying to install PSP X5 Ultimate and I keep getting an error message that tells me I need an internet connection.  Corel tech support is working on the problem--I should be getting a phone-in registration message but I'm not.

I don't want my photo editing PC subjected to viruses and/or "root kits" so I keep it off-line.  Yes I'm on Windows--XP with SP3 installed.

Does Capture NX 2 need an internet connection to install and run?  When I use "Ask Nikon" I get a response that's a link to the demo software which I doubt would be as secure as the retail version.

How about Lightroom?  Does it require the internet?

I know software piracy is an issue but I want to keep my PC and the 8 years of photos virus-free.


Are you still puckered over the B&H issue?  You must work there.  If you do can you ask Henry Posner why my Giottos Rocket was delivered by UPS Ground?  I selected US Postal as my delivery method as documented on the "Confirmation of your order" e-mail I received on May 19, 2012.  On the confirmation e-mail it states:

"Estimated Delivery:
5-10 Business Days (By US Postal)"

but it got shipped UPS Ground.  So my selection of shipper was ignored.  Ask Henry to check my subsequent orders--he'll have to look REALLY hard--because I have no subsequent orders.  So I guess in that way my B&H shipping issues HAVE been resolved.

As for PSP X5 I called Corel sales BEFORE I bought PSP X5 and they said I could install and run without the internet.  The CD from the box I bought at Best Buy would not allow me to install without the internet.  I had to download a new version--FROM THE INTERNET.  When that was installed the telephone number to get my activation code was a recorded message telling me to get my activation code--FROM THE INTERNET.  So their sales weenies didn't get it right.

My photo editing desktop has never been connected to the internet and never will be.  My internet access is via an old laptop at Wi-Fi hotspots.  I transferred the Corel downloads from my laptop to my desktop via a flash drive.  Someone who really does not have internet access would not have been able to install the PSP X5 version CD that I bought from Best Buy.

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