Is it safe to by an S100?

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Re: imho, yes

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my next small, compact camera will be one with a larger sensor like the Sony RX100. I'm not looking to buy now but am carefully watching how this category develops.

Same here.

I have also decided to wait untill Sept to see what else is release, but of course it will have the full price tag until some time passes whereas the S100 is already at a good price, but I'm not in a rush.


I guess it comes down to what you consider to be a good price.  I have seen the S100 priced considerably below $300~ in the shops, and at that price, I don't see how you could go wrong with it.

I purchased the S100 because it met the basic criteria of having a 24mm equivalent lens with IS, but also offered the benefit of a F2.0 open aperture.  Thanks. I'll take it.

In contrast to the Elph 300HS, which is really without comparison, the S100 has stodgy sound, and Digic 5 artifacts that cause some sound problems for video.  But for normal audio situations, particularly in outdoor settings, these camera noises get buried fast, so why worry?

Optically, the IS for video is every bit as stellar as I could want.  I'm not thrilled with some of the new Digic 5 features, such as too much white level response in some situations.  But for low light?  Very capable.  And here I'm talking about the camera as a video instrument.

As a photographic tool it seems more than good enough to be pressed into service as an occasional copy stand document copier and the fast lens....  24mm in low light at F2. Use a small middle frame size for the object, and you can get completely accurate results within the best optical portion of the lens.

The in-house Canon sensor works well, and low light tracking is excellent.  The camera is sharp and fast, and for as much as I complain about the residue of Digic 5 on video, it is a very advanced processor, possibly the best around in any camera system... anywhere.  You really see full Digic 5 capabilities with this camera.  The only other fully implemented Digic 5 camera in a compact camera may only be found in the G series.  Certainly none of the Elph cameras that have Digic 5 are as capable as the S100.  The 500 series of Elph cameras seem to surpass the S100 with Digic 5 in other areas, however, but none offer the full feature breakout of the S100.

My lens makes a chinking sound when I move it through the zoom range.  I wondered about this, but have decided to live with it, since the chinking noise happens around 50mm.

On the subject of the Lens Error message?  I certainly get them from time-to-time.  Not with the S100, but with the Elph cameras that I use to do most of my video work.  Lots of mishandling, so I always assumed the lens error was some sloppy handling on my part.  Jammed lens barrels, you name it.  Those plastic barrels seem to really take a beating and keep on functioning.

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