Is there time for an interchangeable sensor DSLR?

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Re: What patent?

I'm going to sound really ignorant , dumb and naive now, I know it.

And no, I haven't read all the thread. It's just too long

But where are the proofs that it's not doable? I'm with Theodoros on this one.

DMF is actually based on film cameras, and interchangeable backs. This concept worked pretty fine from day one, and still does.

Leica did the DMR.

Ricoh did its little GRX.

Even Silicon Film, which sported "whopping" 2002 technology, almost lift off the ground with a 10mp module.

Emphasize that: 2002 technology, at the hands of a small company, and they almost did it.

Probably they were too early at the party... 2002 tech simply wasn't enough to make a really small package, that could fit inside a film camera.

And they also tried at the most unfortunate time, when digital cameras already started to shred the film SLR market into pieces.

The thing is, all these makers proved it's doable. Give it enough R&D funds, and it will be doable.

Maybe it's not the case of a sensor alone, but mini-digital backs (with sensor + processors + firmware) could work.

I'm going to sound a little arrogant right now, but I believe this concept did not became mainstream just because of ONE single reason.

Canon and Nikon never tried it.

They never need too. They are leaders from day one, and never had to look too closely on such exotic ideas, they're doing just fine selling the whole package since 1999.

But give it Canikon R&D, and 2012 tech, and I trully think it's possible.

Maybe I'm wrong and I'm saying pure nonsense. But for now, I believe it's a possibility.

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