Best camera for interior photography?

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Re: Best camera for interior photography?

Here's what you need. Otherwise you will be working very, very hard at a great disadvantage to get high-quality interior  images.

1/ the very best dynamic range you can afford.

2/ the very best signal to noise ratio you can afford (high ISO performance).

3/ a sturdy tripod you can carefully and accurately  adjust

4/ a level that will slide into the flash shoe

5/ a zoom lens with with low order barrel distortion and an angle of view that is similar to 20mm - 35mm with a full frame DSLR

6/ decent post processing software that will render raw files

7/ if you plan to use supplemental strobe lighting, a 1/250 strobe sync speed is a must

Interior photography is a war with dynamic range. Pulling detail put of shadows is essential. The camera has to be level. You can't move the camera around much, so a zoom lens is a huge help.  Even the most skilled interior photographers rely heavily upon raw post processing software.

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