Is there time for an interchangeable sensor DSLR?

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Re: I should have learned by now...

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

Grevture wrote:

What I really would appreciate is real arguments, some attempts to actually respond to what I and others write. Or in general terms that you actually participate in the discussions you start instead of just getting insulted that other people does not fully agree with the assumptions or arguments you make.

I am sorry if you ever felt insulted, it was never my intention (i am honest on this), it just looks silly for me for people to keep moving back to lesser "defense lines" from the obvious... and then try to argue for the purpose of it , instead of discussing right from the beginning... See what happened here? I made an OP/suggestion, I took all the attack in the world by everybody... I defended it against everybody, ...with everybody falling to his least defense line, the end everybody agree with me... (none admits it though...) and yet I am the "bad" one because I use the ancient method of "irony" when arguing...

I did not feel the least insulted, after some 20+ years of participating in various internet forums, newsgroups, mailing lists and similar it would take a lot more then that

It is interesting you write "I took all the attack in the world by everybody" which is a rather dramatic view of what is going on. Me and others were not attacking anything or anybody - we were just rather peacefully arguing against an idea which we did not agree with. You seem to read way to much into any kind of argument that goes against ideas you personally like. Arguing is not the same as attacking. Just because other people don't agree with your ideas, that does not mean they are attacking you - its just the normal course of a discussion.

But this is not my idea... this is a Nikon patent that we should all wish (and demand if you want) to come true....

Should we all wish for it even if we don't think its a good idea?

I for one don't think it is a good idea, and therefore I do not wish for it to come true. That does not mean I attack you or that I am the least offended by you thinking differently. It just mean we disagree. Then we can - if you choose to participate - have a discussion on the merits of our different opinions. But it is hard to do that when you seem to react so emotionally every time someone disagree.

I am usually curious to find out how other people come to different opinions then my own. It can be very enlightening and educating to read other peoples arguments. I have learned a lot from reading arguments from people I do not necessarily agree with. But that only works when people actually attempt to argue with some sort of logic and actually try to respond to whatever arguments I use.

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