Shooting the D800 at 20 Megapixels...

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Re: Shooting the D800 at 20 Megapixels...

van Ark wrote:

MattiD80 wrote:

For RAW pictures you can only choose the crop mode. Wich means the sensor uses all pixels (FX mode) or less pixels (DX, and 1,2 or 5:4 mode). For jpg if you choose lower megapixels, it will downsize image. You still can choose the image area though. So you can choose in DX and even let the camera downsize those if you want.

Thanks for clearing that up
And what is the chance that Nikon will add medium raw and small raw via firmware update? :/

If you mean smaller res RAW files using the full sensor, there is no such thing. RAW is RAW. It has to have all pixels for the area chosen to be RAW. Otherwise, it is some sort of TIFF variation that is downsampled. That isn't really RAW.

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