Canon or Epson

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Re: Canon or Epson

I am a total novice and I know absolutely nothing about Canon printers. I haven't owned a Canon since the early-90s. When I wanted an entry-level wide-format printer I leaned toward Epson because of good experience with an Epson WorkForce SOHO printer. After asking a few questions on this forum and looking into aftermarket inks, I decided on the Epson 3880.  The rebate made it easy to buy it instead of the slightly cheaper, smaller R2880.

So as a total novice, I can say I'm extremely pleased with the 3880. I can't say anything about the Canon or give any useful comparison, but I am pretty sure you won't regret buying the Epson if that's what you decide on.

Make sure you have enough space for whatever model you buy. I put my 3880 on top of a hutch, both to avoid sacrificing work space in my office, and to keep it away from the cat! I have to get a step ladder out to load paper but at least the cat can't get fur in it.

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