The Sunday BIRD Volume 8, Issue 18. October 21, 2012

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Re: Firetail and shots...

...needless to say these are a step or two down the scale after contributions from  Messier(peter) and Denw (Dennis) as they casually whipp out the E5 or 300mm toys etc ( ps.. I hate you both !  sob!) I hope  there won't be too much scorn for these from my tatty old L10 and non-swd 50-200!   ;0)

Hi to any-one who remembers mel, I have been lurking all the while, but it has been a "complex" year to say the least & birding has been at the end of a very long list of higher priorities.

I was up at the "ranch" yesterday & managed to get a few minutes away from the odd-jobs that I was actually there to do ........

Red Browed Fire tail , resting briefly before flitting off .....

Male Superb Fairy Wren.....only of 4 pix taken on the branch that was even close to focussed !

Cheers to all...Ron Oz

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