Lightroom is automatically darkening my photos

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Re: Lightroom is automatically darkening my photos

Lightroom is more controllable and programmable than your camera, not less. It's not the camera's job to tell LR how to process its images (and the camera knows nothing about the things LR can and cannot do). It is your job to do this. But that does not mean it has to be done manually, one at a time. You can simply follow the same custom-defaults approach you currently do with the camera to get the pictures how you want them; only do that with LR instead.

This means you can save yourself the trouble of changing processing settings around in the camera, before or while taking pictures in Raw - since Raw is intended not to be processed until later - and concentrate entirely on those things that really DO have to be done at the scene.

Then a saved LR preset (or several) can apply whatever saturation, sharpening, tone treatment, colour treatment, whatever, you prefer - and with better control and display than the camera makes possible.

You can optionally set your LR import to apply such a preset (or change your Raw processing defaults) so that the pictures you open into LR start out with this customised processing already applied; or apply it to your images singly or in batches, ready for further tweaking in smaller groups or individually.

Some people use a camera User mode for Raw shooting, suspending all the JPG-specific stuff which is not going to show anyway in LR; and setting up the camera for the best exposure feedback in something more like a "film negative" approach.


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