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madhu0 wrote:

I got  my new Nikon 28mm F1.8lens. Initial tests suggest it is a good copy ( a couple of OOF shots seems to be my errors). I am really confused whether to keep this or get another wide angle lens like 20mm f2.8. I already have the  24-85VR as part of my D600 kit and it seems 28mm f1.8 may not be utilized that much. I also have the 50mm F1.8G and 85mm F1.8G for portraits and general shots. I am also hearing a lot of reports of focus issues of 28mm F1.8 lens.

Could anyone please tell me their experience in 28mm F1.8 and comparison with a wide angle lens like 20mm f2.8.


I had the 28/1.8G, 20/2.8D, 50/1.8G, 85/1.8G, 24-85VR for the D800e.  I still have all the above except the 20/2.8 which I sold due to soft corners.  I thought the 20/2.8 was good on the D3 but I was disappointed when I got the D800e.

The 28/1.8G is a fine lens and along with the 85/1.8G will give you the best image quality of all the lens mentioned.  The 50/1.8G is has ok central sharpness starting at f/2.8 but the edges are not critically good until f/4 or so.

The 24-85VR has decent central sharpness from wide open but never becomes really good at the edges even stopped down.  It's small, light and cheap so I keep it for select travel purposes.

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