Is there time for an interchangeable sensor DSLR?

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Silicon Film...

Leif Goodwin wrote:

Wojciech Sawicki wrote:

There was a different concept about, as far as I can remember... A digital film casette you could put in most cameras. I would sooo love that for use with vintage Zenits and Leicas! Sadly, I think the project died in its concept stage, there wasn't even a prototype.

Yes, it got huge amounts of publicity, and I think there was a prototype, but it never made it to a product, as far as I know anyway. And by modern standards it was rather pathetic anyway.

They never really made a product.

It started off in a company called "Irvine Sensors" (whose biggest product was optical proximity sensors, you know, those things that control self-flushing toilets.

Irvine spun it off into a company was called "Silicon Film", who made solid metal and plastic prototypes of the sensor cartridge and docking cradle, and showed it at trade shows, along with a very "clever" demo.

Later, a new owner had a prototype with working electronics built. Few people saw that one. It never went to trade shows. That prototype used an industrial camera controller, a stack of 3 or 4 boards that they bolted to the back of a camera. This "brick" of circuitry was about twice the volume of a camera, and they failed to convince investors that they had the necessary technical ability to move from 800cm^2 of boards to the 25cm^2 of a 35mm film canister.

The owners re-purposed the company to manufacturer "fuel saving" oil additives. Really, they did.

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