Is there time for an interchangeable sensor DSLR?

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Re: I should have learned by now...

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

Grevture wrote:

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

Wojciech Sawicki wrote:

This guy'll soon go Ad Hominem at you if he loses a logical debate.

He already has. On me, on OlyFlyer, and on you. And he's dragged out the pictures of his camera gear. (But at least he didn't post 20 paragraphs about why his opinions were more valid because he had that gear. He's done that before).

I've seen him do it before, and I should have learned by now.

Check out his exchange with me a few posts earlier. Apparently it's all a conspiracy and we're idiots.

Yes. He is the world's only Clear Thinker (tm).

Its kind of sad, because every once in a while he brings up interesting topics for discussion, but has just no concept whatsoever what the process of 'discussing' a topic actually means. Like actually reading what other people write, trying to argue in a at least semi-intelligent way. Instead he get seriously insulted that others actually has opinions of their own and might not consider him the only Clear Thinker (tm) and Source of All Wisdom and Correct Thoughts.

Some people just want to 'win' discussions (whatever that is supposed to mean) instead of learning from them. And if they can't overpower other by logic, they resort to insults.

I only reply in public and this my reply... If you feel that I've offended you and you require an apology I am willing to give it to you... however, if your topic wasn't "innocent" or "modest" to its base, but you require from me to be that...(innocent or modest) while YOU are talking to others about me.... I can then be  your "worst nightmare"... Q:"why?" ...A:"because I can..." Q:"Why you can" A: "Because I told you I can..." can't do the same can you?

I am not particularly interested in apologies, and no, I am not the least offended but what you have written. Just bored.

What I really would appreciate is real arguments, some attempts to actually respond to what I and others write. Or in general terms that you actually participate in the discussions you start instead of just getting insulted that other people does not fully agree with the assumptions or arguments you make.

You have interesting ideas, but seem to get angry that other people does not just blindly accept your assumptions or arguments supporting those ideas.

Me and many others have argued against the concept of cameras with replaceable sensors. You seem to take that as a personal insult - well, that is entirely your choice. We just attempted to participate in a normal discussion between people with different ideas. You might agree or disagree with what I or others write, but there is really no need to take it so personally.

Please continue to throw out ideas, and attempt to argue for them. That is interesting. What is not interesting (actually downright boring) is someone sulking and acting insulted every time someone disagree with you.

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