Decision on Sony 55-210 lens

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zackiedawg wrote:

andres76 wrote:

Great photos zackiedawg, thanks for posting.

I too am considering this lens to use on my son's tennis games with the new NEX-6. I just have a couple of questions for you if you don't mind: do you retain AF with the 1.7x adapter? -Although I assume PDAF probably wouldn't work-. And, does the adapter have any effect on the aperture (does it make the lens slower)?

Thank you for the comments - I almost didn't notice this thread, as it didn't show up in 'my threads' in the new forum, even though I've posted to it...must be a glitch in the system.

Anyway, the teleextender adapter I use is an afocal designed unit that attaches to the filter threads at the end of the lens.  Afocal designs are not 'lossy' as they do not compress or expand the light going into the lens or to the sensor, so there's not an aperture effect when using these.  Also because they simply attach at the end of the lens, they do not affect the camera's AF or the lens' stabilization system - both continue to work as normal.  Though I don't have one of the newer NEXes with PDAF, I cannot see any reason it would affect the PDAF system.  Because there are no electronic connections or interruptions between the camera and the lens, the extender works 'invisibly' - just magnifying the scene by 1.7x without the camera's knowledge.

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That sounds really awesome!

Thanks for the detailed and useful info. I will likely be picking one up along with the 55-210 sometime after I receive the N-6. For ~$100 is a pretty good deal considering what you get.


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