Is there time for an interchangeable sensor DSLR?

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Re: More B&W and IR...

Tony Beach wrote:

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

Heck, if you can get the sensor out easily, converting it to monochrome by dissolving the Bayer color filters isn't that hard. So, interchangeable sensors are an "enabler" for much easier IR mods. Easier to perform, easier to use (carry a second sensor, not a second camera).

Problem is that the camera companies are probably smart enough to realize this, or read it here, and the Sony lesson will kick in, and they'll quash their interchangeable sensor plans.

Yet another example of our best interests not being served by their best interests.

The CFA reduces DR

Actually, it increases it by 1-2 stops.

Interesting.  It still strikes me as counterintuitive since I gain DR by suppressing the blue and green channels with a magenta filter.

and makes the sensor less sensitive,

Now that is true. Even though my monochrome cameras have no microlenses (which lost them a stop of sensitivity) they still outperform the color cameras.

With microlenses the advantages here could be rather significant.

Imagine how well a 36 MP B&W FX sensor could do today, versus a 72 MP or even a 100 MP BFA FX sensor might do sometime in the future.

The 72mp CFA will win. I don't have to imagine, I've tested monochrome and color sensors.

At a cost though, the cost of moving twice as much data around.

Sure, for IR we could just slap an inefficient IR filter in front of the lens and crank up the ISO 4 stops to make up for it,

More like 10 stops, for modern IR blocking filters. That's why there's such a cottage industry grown around removing them. And yes, user interchangeable sensors will make that much easier.

Once again, I stand corrected.

and someday that will suffice, but I think even in the imagined future (and one many of us will not be around for) having the highest image quality by removing the unnecessary [snip] IR filter rather than counteracting [its] effect after the fact [will be preferable].

Infrared will always be a case of working better if someone pulls the filters out, but that is not something that requires an interchangeable sensor.

Not required, but still preferable.

Bloody hell! did you manage to "crop" all this stuff out of him...? ...With you as a "translator" he may appear "meaningful"....

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